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Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Solutions

As a homeowner, you’ve surely had some kind of plumbing problem. Not all plumbing issues are beyond the scope of the average homeowner, and you can do some work yourself. When you are able to fix the small stuff on your own, it will deepen the satisfaction of owning your own home and being able […]

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pet-proofing tips plumbing

Pet-Proofing Tips for Plumbing

Have you recently gotten a new pet like a cat or dog? There’s so much fun and joy to be had in a new animal around the home, but there are also a few important considerations to make in one big area: Plumbing. At Expert Plumbing, we’re here to help. When we’re not providing plumbing […]

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Preventing Root Issues in Your Pipes

We’ve seen a lot over our years assisting clients with their pipe and drain needs at Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, but the very worst and most expensive issues we’ve found are related to main sewer line blockages. Most commonly caused by tree or other plant roots that grow into the main sewer line, […]

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clearing toilet clogs plunger

Clearing Toilet Clogs Without a Plunger

If you’ve ever tried to deal with a clogged toilet without a plunger on hand to assist you, you know the panic that can be associated with this. The plunger is the simple device that most people know how to use to clear up basic clogs, and it can be stressful to attempt this process […]

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avoiding grease oil drain clogs

Avoiding Grease and Oil Drain Clogs

For those who regularly cook or utilize the kitchen around the home, you’ve probably learned over time how to deal with grease and oils. The experienced homeowner knows that these kinds of oils should be kept from going down pipes whenever possible, as they might solidify and lead to clogs, and therefore takes steps to […]

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rental plumbing tips

Property Rental Plumbing Tips

If you’re a renter for your current living situation, being knowledgeable about certain basic home areas is a good quality to have. It puts you in the good graces of your landlord, and can help you avoid issues that would otherwise have forced you to bother them. One of the primary areas here is plumbing. […]

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locating identifying preventing leaks

Locating, Identifying and Preventing Leaks, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the primary sources of plumbing leaks found in homes and buildings around the country. These leaks are often the primary drivers behind rising water bills each month, and identifying and plugging them can save you a lot of money. At Expert Plumbing, our plumbing […]

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locating identifying preventing leaks

Locating, Identifying and Preventing Leaks, Part 1

No one wants to look at a high water bill each month, and one of the most annoying contributors to this in homes and buildings around the country is plumbing leaks. There are several areas of home plumbing that are susceptible to leaking for various reasons, including some that are tougher to identify in some […]

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mold prevention important

Why Mold Prevention is Important

It’s possible to find mold anywhere in the home, but one of the most common locations is the bathroom. Mold is most frequently found in moist, damp and enclosed areas, and the bathroom checks all these boxes in many cases. At Expert Plumbing, our plumbing services include helping you prevent mold and other growths that may […]

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Tankless water heater

Basics on the Tankless Water Heater

As the warmer summer season gives way to fall and eventually winter, homeowners everywhere should be thinking about their water heaters. These vital home items become even more important during the cold season, when warmth is at a premium. At Expert Plumbing, we can help you with all areas of water heater repair and replacement this […]

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