Leak Detection and Leaking Pipes

Our leak detection technology can find and repair your leaking pipes.

If you already know exactly where the leak is, our plumbers who are very experienced with these repairs can fix it quickly, correctly, and up to code.

Superior leak detection technology is an affordable solution, and we provide it. How is it more affordable?

Some companies tear apart walls, grass, or concrete to try to find a leak. Our technology finds the location of the leak accurately before we do any digging or repair work. That means we aren’t making many holes trying to find exactly where the leak is located.

Whether the leaking pipe is due to corrosion, a frozen pipe, stress, compression, or other reason, we can find it.

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How do you know if you have a leaking pipe?

The most common clues for leaking pipe is either a dampness on the wall, concrete, or a soft spot on the lawn. Another indicator of a leaking pipe is the sound of water running when you know there isn’t a faucet open in or around the house.

A third way you can know if you have a leaking pipe is if the water meter on the side of the house is fluctuating.

One last but still common way our customers can tell they have a leak is that they see a spike in their water bill.

Sometimes you can tell the general area where the leaking pipe might be but you don’t know exactly where it is located.

And our technology can narrow down the location to a more accurate place.

Some people call us out because they can tell that their water is running somewhere and there must be a leak, but they don’t know where it is. We can help track it down without destroying your property.

Whether it’s a leaking pipe in your wall, under your foundation, or a leaking water main in your front yard, We can find it, we promise.

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