HVAC Services and Repair

HVAC Services and Repair

This page will give you some do-it-yourself tips for checking your heating, ventilation or air conditioning system. We are also happy to make a HVAC service call to inspect your equipment and tell you if it needs repair or replacement. HVAC repairs can be dangerous and should be completed by a qualified technician from a licensed and bonded HVAC company. Ben Franklin Plumbing serves the HVAC repair and service needs of Salt Lake City, Sandy, Provo, Orem and Lehi UT.

Furnaces and Heating

Common Problems and Troubleshooting

The first thing you could be having a problem with when it comes to the heating in your house would be the thermostat. What may seem like a potentially large problem with your furnace could just be a thermostat issue. If the furnace is not turning on it could be because the thermostat is malfunctioning. You see, the thermostat measures the temperature in the house and it has a preset level of what the temperature should be. But if the thermostat isn't measuring the temperature correctly—if at all—then it won’t tell the furnace to kick on. And voila! You’re freezing cold.

Another issue you could be having is within the combustion chamber and it involves your burner. The burner is what feeds and burns the gas that is being lit by the pilot light and this is what provides your furnace with heat. Well sometimes your burner burns out. It gives up the ghost. And when that happens, the furnace isn’t going to do its job of heating up, and the house gets cold.

You could also have a problem with the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is one of the means of transferring the heat from the burner to the rest of the furnace. A fan also plays a role in transferring this heat. From here, the heat is sent out to the rest of the house. If this heat exchanger or fan is not working, the end result will be the heat not travelling throughout the house.

Ductwork is basically the plumbing of the HVAC in your house. The heat is carried from the furnace to the various rooms through this ductwork. Sometimes ductwork can have problems too with punctures or disconnections (connections of ductwork sliding out of place) and when that happens, hot air doesn’t get to its intended destination. And too much of it gets in another location.

If you feel like your furnace is giving off poor airflow and the air coming out of your ducts has decreased, this could be an issue with the airfilter. The furnace pulls in cold air through the intake so that it can heat up that air and resend it throughout the house. This intake is where the air filter is located and if that filter is jammed up with debris and gunk, the furnace isn’t getting enough air to kick back out. Thus, the weakened air flow. This issue could be resolved with the simple task of replacing the air filter.

Furnaces have a flue because they burn gas, which means that they have emissions. Water vapor and carbon dioxide are produced when the furnace is running and those emissions need to be released outside of your home. And let me tell you, you don’t want to breathe those in. The flue usually runs up to the house and releases these toxic gases. This is part of the reason why it’s so important that a certified HVAC technician installs the furnace because if this flue isn’t installed properly, it can be dangerous.

If you suspect that your furnace is having problems, one of our HVAC technicians can come out and run a diagnostic test on what is wrong with your furnace so the right repairs can be made. They will also consult with you and give you a price of repair after looking at the furnace before starting any work. Also, it’s good to have a yearly inspection of your furnace because let’s be honest, how else are you supposed to know if the air filter is filled with dust or the flue isn’t functioning properly? These inspections help to ensure that your furnace functions at its best year-round and can be offered at an affordable price.

Air Conditioning

We’ve all had that experience when the air conditioner goes out and then you’re left to die in the Sahara Desert of your home. And it seems to happen on the hottest of days. There are all kinds of problems that air conditioners can have and it’s good to know what the technician is talking about when they come to diagnose it. Here are some things that may be wrong with your air conditioner, and symptoms of those needed repairs.

Common Problems and Troubleshooting

What people notice about their air conditioning issue is that it is not blowing cold air through the house or at least not blowing that air at the normal pressure. There could be problems with your air conditioner outside or inside of your house. Let’s start with outside:

Outside Air Conditioner Problems

  1. The outside condenser fan could need to be replaced due to burnout. The condenser fan may even be melted from the internal unit running but the external unit not running.
  2. The outside unit runs on electricity, which it may not be receiving. Check your breaker boxes to make sure that it’s supplying electricity to the outside unit.
  3. The contactor may need to be fixed or replaced. You can tell that this is the issue from a loud buzzing noise.

That’s it for the outside problems that can happen. Now here are the potential inside problems:

Inside Air Conditioner Problems

  1. The filter is clogged and needs to be replaced. When the filter is clogged, the condenser fins cannot get the air they need and the unit literally freezes. Air conditioners pull the hot air out of the house and replace it with the cold air. So if the filter is clogged, the air doesn’t flow through the conditioner and you end up with a frozen-over air conditioner. Just as a note, the air conditioner filter should be changed once a month.
  2. You could have low Freon pressure. Your Freon pressure should be between 65-70 psi so if it falls below that pressure, you could have problems getting cold air into your house.
  3. Your condenser fins could be clogged. This could be happening because the dirty air filter is sending debris and dirt to it. These fins just need to be cleaned out with special fin brushes and then your air conditioner will work again. You could even buy these fin brushes and clean them yourself if you want to do the work.
  4. If the inside unit is not coming on, it could be due to problems with the condenser fan motor. The wires to that motor may be disconnected or burned. In that case, replacement is needed.

So there you have it, all of the air conditioning woes you could be experiencing. We hope that you only need to have a repair instead of needing a full replacement.

You may be able to tell that both air conditioners and furnaces have a lot of different moving parts that can go wrong if their potential problems go unnoticed. This is why yearly maintenance of your air conditioner and furnace is so important. We can have one of our technicians come out to your home and do a full maintenance check at an affordable price.

If you’re having problems with your air conditioner or water heater, call us for repair work. Whether you’re from Lehi, Orem, or Eagle Mountain, we’ll send our HVAC technician out to run a diagnostic test on what is wrong with the system, so the right repairs can be made. Hopefully it’s an easy fix. We’re cheering for you.

Heating & Air

Clean Air Filtration 

Here in Utah, we have regular problems with smoke, inversion, and seasonal allergies. These air issues cause serious problems with those that struggle with allergies or asthma.

We install Certified Asthma and Allergy friendly whole home air filters. These air filters can filter out debris up to one micron, which means that it even can filter out the flu virus! These systems filter and purify the air so well, the air can even have a cleaner, fresher smell. If you mention this article, we will take $100 off of your certified asthma and allergy friendly whole home air filtration system.

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Let me guess, your house is either freezing cold or feels like a special place where the devil lives. You're having problems with your HVAC. Keep reading to figure out what’s going on. Even if you need to have a technician come out, it will help to know which part they are talking about when they say that it’s broken and needs a repair.

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