Sinks and Bathtubs Installation

Of course, we do both repairing and replacing of sinks and bathtubs. Some common repairs we deal with are cracks and leaks. But we also do a lot of new installs and remodels.


Let’s talk about sinks first.

When it comes to repairs, one common thing we come across is leaking from the p-trap under the sink. This creates a mess quick in the cabinet, right? But, it’s an easy fix and takes us a short period of time. Sometimes there’s a crack or corrosion and part of the pipe just needs to be replaced. Other times the glue has worn down and needs to be resealed. Either way, it’s usually a pretty easy repair.

Some other sink issues are broken or clogged garbage disposals, gurgling coming from the drain, a leaking or clogged faucet, and a leaking drain basket. Of course, if any of these are happening with your kitchen sink, it’s a pain because you need to use this sink more than just about any other sink in the house. We can fix these issues quick and they can be pretty cheap fixes too.

If you’re replacing your sink or remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, there are so many different kinds of sinks to select from, it can be hard to choose! It all comes down to your personal style. We can get you any kind of sink you want whether it be modern, classic, or plain. We work with every plumbing supply house here in Utah and can get access to any sink you want, literally.

When it comes to sinks, there is a selection of material you can choose from. Most sinks are just made from stainless steel. But there are also cast iron, composite, fireclay, acrylic, glass, and vitreous china, to name some of the most common. There are positives and negatives to any of these materials. Some are more durable, others scratch easily, others chip. Some have a nicer look to them. But we can install any of them.

Sinks can also be mounted in the way you want. Top mounting, under mounting, vessel sinks and pedestal sinks are some ways sinks can be installed.

Does your sink move around when you nudge it? It could be for a few reasons. It may not have been installed properly in the first place. Sufficient caulking and sealing might not have been prioritized when the last person installed this sink. Or, the caulking may have worn down or been eaten away. This is a pretty quick fix that we can take care of for you.

We can also install industrial sinks for your laundry room, shop, or mud room. Again, there is a large supply to choose from and we’ve got your back. Just give us a call and if you want to look around for a specific sink you want first, let us know the sink you want and we’ll order it in. If you already have the sink purchased, that’s no problem. We can just come out and set the sink and finish the install.


Now how about bathtubs, one of the best places in the house.

Bathtubs are a lovely place to relax, but they can also give you a headache if they leak. Yup, especially if it’s a jetted bathtub. Although they are nice, one thing we notice about these jetted tubs is that they have the potential of leaking water into the walls around it (the water gets into the jets and leaks out) and this causes mold. Not so fun. Ways you can tell if this is happening is if you can see mold starting to form on the walls opposite of the bathtub. Or you can see the ceiling below the bathtub starting to sag or mold. If you think this has happened, give us a call and we can do a quick leak detection test. It’s best to get it checked as soon as possible before the situation gets bad enough that you have to rip out dry wall and carpet. Now, jetted tubs are fantastic, don’t get us wrong; if you are wanting to get a good jetted bathtub and feel more assurance that it doesn’t leak, we can show you some of the best ones and make the installation for you.

Unfortunately, we do not fix “cracked” bathtubs, we make the plumbing fixes from bathtub leaks and other plumbing issues, faucets, drains, showerheads, and we install new bathtubs.

Bathtub Types

There are seven main materials that bathtubs are made out of and four types of bathtubs.

We’ll start with the materials:

  • Acrylic
  • Enamel on Steel
  • Wood
  • Composite
  • Cast Iron
  • Fiberglass Gelcoat
  • Cultured Marble

There are four main types of bathtub than often comes in different shapes:

  • Alcove Bathtub – This is the one that we’re most familiar with. It sits between three walls and is the most general size of bathtub. It’s often what us poor people use.
  • Platform Installation – This bathtub is set with brick usually around it. It can be in the middle of the bathroom and does not have to have walls around it. It sits up above the ground and usually has areas around the bathtub where towels, candles, cell phones, and anything else can be set.
  • Undermount Bathtub – This is essentially the same thing as the platform installation bathtub except it is embedded into the floor.
  • Freestanding Bathtub – These are sometimes referred to as “clawfoot” bathtubs and have more of a vintage look.
  • Corner Bathtub – These are set in the corner of the bathroom and sometimes have jets as part of the tub.

Any of the above bathtub choices can come in various sizes and colors. They can also come with different bells and whistles such as jets and settings. We can access any of these types of bathtubs and install them for you.


Most of us don’t have the time in a day to soak it up in a hot bath. So showering it is. Showers, however, can have their problems, and most of the time it’s the shower head that needs to be repaired or replaced. Nothing is better than an awesome shower head. It really does make all the difference in the world. Or, if you just need the shower head repaired because it is leaking or is not working to the best of its ability, we can help with that as well.

Drain Clogs

Let’s be real, most of the time when you have a problem with your bathtub or sink, it is because either the drain is plugged or the faucet won’t stop dripping. Many times, both of these repairs can be fixed pretty easy. In more extreme cases with plugged drains though, we can bring out the drain snake or other means to blast through the plug and clear out the drain. Sometimes if the bathtub drain isn’t too clogged, it can be cleared with a plunger while holding a wet washcloth against the overflow valve to restrict the air flow and increase the pressure. This often only works temporarily though and requires a deeper drain clean down the road.

Another common headache with bathtubs is again, mold, because there is so much moisture that settles around the corners of the tub (which in most houses is also a shower). This may turn into a plumbing issue if the mold eats the caulking and the bathtub starts leaking. If you start to see mold and want to avoid the whole issue early on, you can clean the mold with bleach. Put the bleach in a spray bottle (and make sure to not wear clothes you like in case you get yourself with a little bleach). Move towels and rugs away from the areas where you will be spraying the bleach. After spraying the bleach, use a scrub brush to scrub down the caulking. If the mold has eaten away some caulking, it may need to be resealed and one of our technicians can take care of that.

We get calls for new bathtub installs when customers are remodeling, doing new construction or just need a replacement because of a crack or leak.  You name the bathtub, we can get it and install it. Again, we have access to any plumbing supply house in the state of Utah and can order from any maker of any bathtub. Any shape, any size, any style, any color.

When it comes to both sinks and bathtubs, the faucets attached can be creating the issue. We talk about water fixtures in depth on another tab of our website (up top) but if you are having trouble with your faucet, we can both repair or replace it. Many times, the dripping faucet can create stains, mold, or other issues with your sink or bathtub and if that is the case, we can help you fix both in a timely manner. Oftentimes, the dripping faucet is due to a mechanism within the faucet that is no longer working and can usually be fixed on a cheap budget.