Repair and Installation of Toilets

Okay, if you came to this page of our website to find out if we install any kind of toilet, you can know that we do. You name the toilet, we can install it—even if you already have the toilet purchased. That also includes bidets and urinals, which are toilet wannabes. But we install those too.

If you came to this page to find out if we offer toilet repair, then yes we do. If you have a messy toilet emergency you can call us 24 hours per day.

We do any kind of toilet repair and installation.

Now, if you came to this page of our website to learn about different types of toilets so you can have help choosing one, I’ll walk you through it.

Different Types of Toilets

With newer technology, toilets have been hitting the market that are more water-efficient and work better to fully dispose of waste.

The first kind of fancy toilet we’ll talk about here is the dual flush toilet. These are known to save almost 70% of water used in traditional toilets. There are two different options for flushing. We’ll spare you gross details, but for urine, you flush one way that uses less water. Moving on. These toilets are more expensive because they have a more complex mechanism but we’re starting to see these showing up in more facilities around the United States.

Dual flush toilets are among a category of what is called high efficiency toilets (HETs). These toilets flush effectively with less water. It’s not efficient if you have to flush twice. One brand of toilet that we like to install—because it’s considered one of the cadillacs of toilets and flushes quietly—is the Toto toilets. We highly recommend using these because they’re so well made.

What you’ll notice is that these different kinds of toilet can be in one category or them all. Another category is what’s called low-flow toilets. Many high efficiency toilets are in this category. In order to qualify as a low-flow toilet, the toilet must only flush 1.6 gallons or less at a time. You might be wondering whether or not these toilets, and the other ones mentioned, are able to effectively flush down waste. That is becoming less of a concern over time since these low-flow toilets and high-efficiency toilets are now being made with a pressure mechanism that helps push the waste into the drain.

When it comes to buying a conventional toilet without all the bells and whistles, we have a large variety of those to offer you. A word of caution though: If you’re getting one of these toilets, make sure to not get the bottom of the barrel toilet or you will be kicking yourself later. There’s nothing worse than a toilet that you always have to flush multiple times to get it to do its job, or one that breaks on you.

Toilet Repairs and Problems

I know you’ve clogged that toilet at least once in your life. Don’t you lie to me.

It’s interesting to us how embarrassed people are to tell us that they need help unclogging their toilet—as if we haven’t clogged one ourselves, or that we aren’t a plumbing company that deals with this all the time. Trust us, it’s old news. Our technicians aren’t going to show up and laugh at you.

There are many reasons that toilets clog; there’s not just the one embarrassing reason. One of the biggest culprits of toilet clogging is feminine hygiene products. These build up and restrict the passageway.

Another reason toilets clog is, you guessed it, your kids throwing toys and other fun things around the house into the toilet and having the joy of watching it flush away. You can’t blame them for finding it so amusing, really. But it does get frustrating when you have to call a plumber. We’ve pulled more than one toy out of toilets, so if your toilet is mysteriously clogged, keep this in mind. Especially when it comes to a more durable toy—like plastic—that has been flushed, the plumbing snake is going to need to be used in order to clear it out.

Toilet paper is a classic reason for clogging. You might think that you don’t use a ridiculous amount of toilet paper but you don’t know if another person gracing your bathroom is doing so. I mean, it’s not exactly a question you ask people—how much toilet paper they use while going to the bathroom. Not necessarily table topics. But this happens a lot. And again, sometimes it’s those little kids and their self-entertainment activities to put a bunch of toilet paper into the toilet and flush it down. Come on, it’s funny.

Once last thing to watch out for with clogging toilets. One thing we see clogging a bunch of toilets is baby wipes. Now, here in the United States, there seems to be a thing against bidets. We don’t get it. People prefer baby wipes instead. It is culturally more acceptable and somehow less embarrassing to have baby wipes sitting on the back of the toilet, but not a bidet in the toilet seat. It’s one of those funny cultural quirks here. But if you’re not budging on the baby wipe thing, just make sure that you throw the wipes away (and empty the trash frequently, gross) instead of flushing the baby wipes down the toilet. Because they’ll jam up your toilet pretty quick.

Other times we get called to fix a broken toilet seat. These simply wear out over time. We’ve all sat on that toilet seat that has started to come loose and slide around because of wear and tear. These easy fixes are generally pretty cheap. But there’s nothing like sitting on a broken toilet seat and feeling like you’re going to slip right off the toilet.

If your toilet sounds like it’s constantly running, it just might be. This could signify a leak in the toilet somewhere. One common reason for this sound of water constantly running in your toilet is a damaged flapper valve. The flapper valve is what keeps the water in the tank from going into the toilet bowl. And when that flapper valve isn’t working correctly, the tank has to constantly be fed water because it’s leaking water into the bowl when it shouldn’t be.

There’s an easy way to test your flapper valve to see if it is what needs replacing. Put a little food coloring in the tank of your toilet. If you see the water in the toilet bowl start to turn the color of the food coloring, your flapper valve is more likely to be the issue and needs to be replaced.


Now, I know that you’re really visiting this page because you want a bidet attached to your toilet. So I’ll get right to it. These are easy installations and you can choose from a wide range of bidets. There are even ones with remote controls. Some bidets even have dryers on them. So, what are you waiting for? In our opinion, bidets are underrated in the United States. I don’t know if people think they’re gross or what. But really, what’s gross is not using them.

Don’t let those bidet stigmas stifle you. Bidets are great and once you get one, it’s like you can never go back. Many people use baby wipes instead of bidets and like we mentioned earlier, these baby wipes have a nice habit of clogging up your toilet. So this isn’t a very good option for you, unless you’re throwing the wipes away.


Why would anyone want to buy a urinal? Well, there are several reasons, especially if you have a lot of guys living or working under one roof.

  • First of all, they are efficient. Less waiting around to use the toilet.
  • Less messes on the toilet seat.
  • It takes up less space in the bathroom, which means there are more urinals that can be used and more access in the bathroom at once.
  • Most importantly, urinals use less water. It is a waste to use a whole bowl of water in such cases and urinals take care of this issue.

We offer a wide variety of urinals and can install them for you.