Water Heater Repairs

We don’t believe that it isn’t possible for the words “Quality” and “Affordable” to be in the same sentence, even when it comes to water heater repairs and installations.

ThumbtackAwardThey can.

That’s how it should be, and that’s what we do.

We do what it takes to make those two words work together in our business. We are so confident in our service and quality that you can Google our customer reviews from our loyal customers.

We let our customers speak for us. Really, they’re the ones selling our services and that’s how we like it. That’s how it should be.

We have a straight-forward pricing system with our water heater repairs and installations so you can know we aren’t throwing out a random price and taking advantage of you. We even have a $100 off Water Heater Coupon for new installations. Click on that link after reading below the features of our water heaters and repairs.

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IMAG3131Affordable repairs don’t need to require cheap supplies and cheap service.

We offer American-made water heaters from the Bradford White brand. These heaters are well priced and well made. We have used them for many years and have come to really trust their quality.

We also warranty all of our water heaters. We would want our water heaters warrantied in our own homes, so we know that’s what our customers would want too.

If you have any questions about our water heater service, please call us today at 801-224-8118 or send us an email in the form to the right (or below if you’re on a phone).


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